Trees that Thrive in the Tacoma WA Area

With a temperate and warm climate, the city of Tacoma is a thriving area for natural vegetation. The city has embraced nature as can be seen from its plan to achieve 30% tree canopy cover before 2030. Whether you’re a homeowner and are looking to support Tacoma’s urban forestry goal or you simply need some advice on the kind of trees to plant in your tree farm, this article will be discussing some of the trees that are perfectly suited for Tacoma WA area.

Green Japanese Maple

Japanese maples in fall

A woody plant specie that originates from Japan, the green Japanese maple is loved for its amazing colors, leave shapes and attractive forms. It is perfectly suited to temperate areas. This tree can be effectively grown in a container and will die without regular watering or rainfall.

Alpine Fir (Abies lasiocarpa)

The Alpine fir is popular for its use in manufacturing papers and other essential structural purposes. This plant is native to Washington and a few other southeastern and western areas.

Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis)

Arborvitae trees sold in pots

Ranging between 3 to 70 feet in size, the arborvitae is a landscape plant that is popular for its fast growth and easy care. The plant is best planted during fall in a drained soil that has a bit of moisture in it. The Emerald Green Arborvitae originates from Denmark and is sometimes called the ‘Smaragd’.

Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)

The branches of dawn redwood in fall

The Dawn Redwood is a deciduous tree that grows very quickly. Like some of the other trees on this list, it is a popular ornamental tree and was first discovered in China.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of green beauty to your house or looking for good trees that would be perfect for a farm, the above plants will thrive in Tacoma WA area.

Why Does Pool Maintenance Cost So Much?

A swimming pool in your home can make a lot of difference on a hot summer day, it could also be the reason you’re spending so much money on property maintenance. Unfortunately, a pool isn’t simply a project you set and forget. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your special backyard oasis in top condition. Understandably, people are quite appalled to hear it would cost them so much to maintain a pool they have already spent a lot on. However, it is important to recognize just how crucial it is to give your pool top quality maintenance, like these guys in Visalia CA, where I live.

Below are a few ways poor maintenance will eat into your pocket.


Whichever heating methods you prefer, it will cost you a considerable amount of money to heat your pool. If you’re opting for the traditional pool heating method, you may need to invest about $100 every month. However, you can decide to heat your pool using a solar system but this is only ideal if you live in a sunny area. The solar system will cost you around $8,000 to install and you might still need to set aside about a hundred dollars to run the pump.


Regular maintenance is ideal for a clean pool. Every week, you will need to clean your pool, adjust its chemicals levels and maintain pumps and filters. Also, if you have had your pool for about a year, then you may start making repairs on anything that is broken. You may also need to hire a pool cleaner. Many pool owners have tried to get around the high cost of maintaining a pool by hiring cheap pool cleaners, I wish I could say it ended up well for many of them. Poor sanitation could lead to illnesses like Otitis externa, diarrhea, and other recreational water illness. To prevent this, you will need to hire a certified pool cleaner, expensive, but necessary.

Why you shouldn’t take things too personally…

People really do often take things very personally. I know I do. In fact, I have always have. This is however just not the best way to live your life. And there are several reasons for that.

The first thing to understand about taking things personally is that what you think is not necessarily what the other person thinks when they do or say something that annoys you.

The other person’s mind is not your mind and even though you think you understand what they think, it’s not necessarily true. The other person may have meant well, or possibly not really meant anything at all. Maybe the remark that got to you so much was just a random thing they said without thinking and they didn’t even notice they said it. It’s really quite pointless to try to interpret what the other person meant by their words without actually discussing it with them – because there are just too many different things that the other person could have meant!

The other reason not to take things personally is that doing so will inhibit your ability to go on, to proceed with your life.

You will dwell on what happened, on what was said, on what was not sad, and on your own role in all of this, instead of doing something productive and getting unstuck.

Rather than spending your precious time and energy on matters that are actually quite pointless, you could be doing something really useful, you could be developing yourself, growing your own mindset, and learning to be a better person.

Also, you could be learning to handle the issues that have brought you here so that they don’t repeat.

Now I know that all of this is advice that I should be taking myself, but often I find that I’m not very good at taking my own advice. I am sharing it here because I know that I have often helped other people go on with their lives. So even if I can’t benefit from this advice myself, at least not to the extent that I would like to, maybe at least some of my readers will gain something from this.

This is my sincere hope.

Advantages of Using a Horizontal Router Table

Whether you are working with metal or wood in a workshop, at some point a router table is necessary for enhancing the ease of working as well as the quality of the finished product. As a result, there are two primary types of router tables namely, vertical router tables and horizontal router tables.

Each type of router table provides a set of different advantages for the craftsman depend on what they work on. Though the main difference between the two tables is the setting of the router bits, each table can provide the same service as the other with a difference in the degree of ease.

Hence, if you are looking to purchase or build a horizontal router table, below are the pros you stand to gain.

  • Convenience

Unlike a vertical routing table, a horizontal routing table is conveniently designed for routing operations that would be intricate to perform on regular tables such as working on the edges of long and narrow pieces.

For instance, a horizontal routing table is deemed perfect for mortising and tenoning as well as working on long molding bits which would require the router bits to be parallel to the table.

With the bits parallel to the table, the workpiece can be placed on the table and held down by fences as opposed to balancing/standing it on one end while working on the other. Hence, A horizontal router table makes it easier to work on such pieces with more accuracy.

  • Router/ bits adjustments

Depending on the design of your routing table, you can either plunge the bit into the piece you are working on by first clamping the workpiece and then moving the table to provide a more efficient mortising.

Alternatively, the router can get adjusted by raising or lowering it on a pivot. In this case, a fence is necessary for accurate measurement but only if the pivot doesn’t provide the accuracy required.

Due to the precision needed for edge works such as tenons, a horizontal router table makes it easier to adjust the bits as required while the workpiece is fixed on the table top thus ensuring the product gets cut efficiently without any mishaps.

  • Customization

Though most people prefer to purchase ready-made horizontal router tables, those who decide to build their own have the advantage of customizing their tables to their preference.

For instance, if you are looking to build angular products such as chairs, you can equip your table with tilting options that make it easier to create a variety of tenons. Additionally, you may decide to add sleds/carriages for multiple functions.

Ei tasu kõike hinge võtta

Olen täna veidi üllatunud, kuivõrd palju võtavad mõned inimesed endale hinge. Selliseid pisiasju, kuidas keegi neid täna teretas või kuidas midagi juhtus nendel töökohal.

Olen ammu mõelnud, et liigne asjade hinge võtmine viib ainult masenduseni ja teeb kõike ainult hullemaks. Lõppude lõpuks, see mida teised meist arvavad, ei tähenda midagi otseselt meie endi kohta, vaid on lihtsalt tolle inimese tõlgendus meist, mis on läbinud nende isikliku filtri ning seega ei ole kaugeltki täiuslik. Teise inimese arvamus minust ei ole mina, see on kõige teise inimese arvamus. Ja nii see peakski jääma. Ei tasu sellest tühjast asjast teha midagi suurt.