Why Does Pool Maintenance Cost So Much?

A swimming pool in your home can make a lot of difference on a hot summer day, it could also be the reason you’re spending so much money on property maintenance. Unfortunately, a pool isn’t simply a project you set and forget. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your special backyard oasis in top condition. Understandably, people are quite appalled to hear it would cost them so much to maintain a pool they have already spent a lot on. However, it is important to recognize just how crucial it is to give your pool top quality maintenance, like these guys in Visalia CA, where I live.

Below are a few ways poor maintenance will eat into your pocket.


Whichever heating methods you prefer, it will cost you a considerable amount of money to heat your pool. If you’re opting for the traditional pool heating method, you may need to invest about $100 every month. However, you can decide to heat your pool using a solar system but this is only ideal if you live in a sunny area. The solar system will cost you around $8,000 to install and you might still need to set aside about a hundred dollars to run the pump.


Regular maintenance is ideal for a clean pool. Every week, you will need to clean your pool, adjust its chemicals levels and maintain pumps and filters. Also, if you have had your pool for about a year, then you may start making repairs on anything that is broken. You may also need to hire a pool cleaner. Many pool owners have tried to get around the high cost of maintaining a pool by hiring cheap pool cleaners, I wish I could say it ended up well for many of them. Poor sanitation could lead to illnesses like Otitis externa, diarrhea, and other recreational water illness. To prevent this, you will need to hire a certified pool cleaner, expensive, but necessary.