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Why you shouldn’t take things too personally…

People really do often take things very personally. I know I do. In fact, I have always have. This is however just not the best way to live your life. And there are several reasons for that.

The first thing to understand about taking things personally is that what you think is not necessarily what the other person thinks when they do or say something that annoys you.

The other person’s mind is not your mind and even though you think you understand what they think, it’s not necessarily true. The other person may have meant well, or possibly not really meant anything at all. Maybe the remark that got to you so much was just a random thing they said without thinking and they didn’t even notice they said it. It’s really quite pointless to try to interpret what the other person meant by their words without actually discussing it with them – because there are just too many different things that the other person could have meant!

The other reason not to take things personally is that doing so will inhibit your ability to go on, to proceed with your life.

You will dwell on what happened, on what was said, on what was not sad, and on your own role in all of this, instead of doing something productive and getting unstuck.

Rather than spending your precious time and energy on matters that are actually quite pointless, you could be doing something really useful, you could be developing yourself, growing your own mindset, and learning to be a better person.

Also, you could be learning to handle the issues that have brought you here so that they don’t repeat.

Now I know that all of this is advice that I should be taking myself, but often I find that I’m not very good at taking my own advice. I am sharing it here because I know that I have often helped other people go on with their lives. So even if I can’t benefit from this advice myself, at least not to the extent that I would like to, maybe at least some of my readers will gain something from this.

This is my sincere hope.